Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five minutes with Bobo

So Richt's coordinators gathered in front of mics for a few minutes yesterday. And here is what we learned from the old offensive dude.
  • All his guys are as healthy as Hines Ward or Josh Murray, or any other former teammate/player that's won a reailty show recently.
  • Except Justin Scott-Wesley, who is only at half-gazelle-speed as yet. 
    Wuh? Hines can't dance. lolz
  • He likes his offensive line like he likes his Big Macs...with just enough doubt as to their potential for truly special sauce.
  • John Theus will work at both tackles, and rub the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!
  • "I gave Rico to Pruitt because you know, he kind of needs him, " Bobo said casually. A little too casually.
  • "What?!? No questions about Gurley?!? You know he's still in Athens right? I'm gonna hand the ball to him!"
  • "A lot!"
With that Bobo ate two twinkies simultaneously, raised his eyebrows abnormally, then pushed a microphone down with some sort of Heisman pose.

We think.