Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five minutes with Pruitt

So Richt's coordinators gathered in front of mics for a few minutes yesterday. And here is what we learned from the new defensive dude.
  • If you are a defensive player with a UGA scholarship showing up in Athens today, you have lost a few pounds and have not been a menace to society. Or just a complete asshole. 
  • Attrition is a synonym for weak, or thin-skinned.
  • Subbing is a question best posed closer to Labor Day. Like at least after watermelons have been served.
  • Speaking of eating, "his guys" came over and consequently there is no grillable protein at the Pruitt Estate.
  • Jenny Craig is not worthy of the Pruitt Plan for defensive linemen.
  • optimal weight = "moving well" = players in position = not waving their arms around in frustration pre-snap
  • "Newcomers in the secondary", in the parlance of our time Dude.
  • "Rico Johnson is mine bitches!!"
Seriously, it's no secret that I have no interest in trading places with tackle football players in the camps of August. But I will bend a knee tonight and pray for the guys competing for a spot on Pruitt's two-deep. May they rest in peace.