Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Retribution: "There's always hope..."

The internets eluded me last weekend. I blame Hurricane Arthur. Regardless, I finally got around to watching Chris Conley's Retribution and thoroughly enjoyed it. In case I'm not the last one to see it, here it is. Go wide screen and crank up the volume.

Retribution: Darkness Falls from Retribution Movie on Vimeo.

Some thoughts.
- We've been hounding Conley, and subsequently Infinite Productions and Spirit World Productions, for the final product for some time. It was well worth the wait.
- More impressive than expected in about every facet. The writing, the acting, the cameos, the humor, the direction, the production, and especially the visual effects made the film very entertaining.
- All in all it left me wanting more. And completely impressed that the young man put this thing together in such a way. Sure, he had plenty of talent and help on his side. But remembering his tweets as it was being conceived, and eventually his casting call to his fellow students to come out for a part in it, reminds me that he spent a lot of time on this and has to be pretty proud to see it through.

Lastly, the only thing disappointing is the lack of comments/feedback. I guess I expected more when I loaded it on Vimeo since I was there a few days after it went live. So if you have a moment, go give these guys some encouragement and kind words.

It's a great film, produced in a great city and on a great campus. Well done to all involved.