Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clempson preview - the Dawgs of War

Watched this video -

- over at DudeYouCrazy yesterday and felt both pumped up as well as a bit nostalgic. This series has known some giants among men. As I watched all the highlights I started to try and list some of the greatest in my relatively short time living during the series. So here's my list of the greatest ever Georgia players this rivalry has known.
  • Scott Woerner. His is the name that strikes fear in the hearts of all Tiger fans, so this list can only begin with the guy that nearly single handedly won the game back in 1980. 
  • Kevin Butler. He kicked it a hundred thousand miles back in 1984 to seal the win.
  • Fred Gibson. Between TD catches and kick returns he had a gear that no Tiger could accelerate into.
  • Thomas Davis. Just ask Charlie Whitehurst.
  • Eric Zeier. His only crack at Clemson was as a true freshman when he came on in relief of Greg Talley in 1991, but he made the most of it throwing for 249 yards and two touchdowns.
Now some honorable mentions for Dawgs that could add their name to the list with a win this Saturday.
  • Todd Gurley. Was dominant in running with the football in last year's loss to the Tigers.
  • Quayvon Hicks. Was dominant in blocking Tigers out of the way of runners with the football as well as running with the football himself in last year's loss to the Tigers.
  • Marshall Morgan. After missing last year's loss to the Tigers, Morgan could be called upon to kick one two hundred thousand miles Saturday night.
  • Keith Marshall. Just have a feeling he's more than ready and able to finish what he had started last season back in Knoxville.
Who'd I miss with either list?