Friday, August 22, 2014

Gained in translation

It sure helps when the player(s) know what language the coach is speaking.
Those communication issues from 2013 are no longer plaguing Georgia's defense in 2014. That's according to the main communicator himself.
Linebacker Amarlo Herrera was responsible for relaying signals last season, because as players said at one point, a lot of them didn't know the signals and had to rely on Herrera to know what has being called by Todd Grantham.
And this year under Jeremy Pruitt?
“Nah, it’s different," Herrera said Thursday. "Everybody knows the call. We ended up learning it at the same time. (Other players) see it too, and he’s going to have everybody looking at him while he calls the play. ... He teaches everybody. So you have to learn it or you won’t be playing.”
If this is true, the secondary shouldn't get winded from all the waving of the hands pre-snap.