Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going deep...??

Bobo's players are confident they can still get deep when needed, even without Scott-Wesley and Mitchell in the opener.
Still, Mason and the Bulldogs express confidence in the passing game, and the deep threat, based on a couple of reasons.
First, Mason is used to not having Mitchell and Scott-Wesley. They were long gone by the time he took over last season and have basically been absent from practice this spring and preseason.
Second, having speed isn’t the only way to complete the deep ball, as everyone points out.
“Sometimes you don’t have to have blinding speed to go deep, sometimes it’s just a matter of getting off the jam and getting the guy cut off,” head coach Mark Richt said. “You know all these guys have pretty good game speed not many guys just run away from people. But you know we have had a good history of placing the ball where our guys can catch it.”
Put another way, the hope is that Mason can hit Bennett, Conley or someone else on a nicely placed pass after the receiver puts the move on a defender.
I get that. And I believe there are yards downfield that Mason and his receivers can grab. But having just re-watched the Gator Bowl where deep passes and especially completions were hard to come by, I'm very eager to see it play out.