Thursday, August 7, 2014

IPFs. OMG! and IMO...

IMO, donkeys are pretty much worthless. Especially when they're airborne.

Let me summarize: Richt has wanted an indoor practice facility before that moving van rented out of Tallahassee even pulled out of his brand new driveway back in December 2000. Back then we didn't even know what a hobnail boot was? (Actually, do we even know what it is now? Except that it tastes like HillBilly tears.) He infamously and fruitlessly pandered for one during the Damon Evans era anytime it rained. He then became a part-time weatherman and promised everyone he'd shut it on the subject of IPFs and was happy with the Butts-Mehre expansion.

Meanwhile, traction for new, shiny things has gained solid footing. Players have tweeted. Renovations and upgrades on campus athletic facilities that actually needed them have been done, mostly. Fans have bitched and moaned that we're somehow losing recruits because God insists on pretty flowers at the Botanical Gardens. Revenue grew and grew until it all collided together and the Board decided to entertain the idea of softening up our football players.

So here we are, as Groo says, one step closer. I once again invite you to blast me in the comments. After all, you've done it before. But to all of you with such a hard on for a roof over our players' heads:

  • Will you complain when it's rarely used? At least by the actual football team.
  • Will you complain when, one day, the team actually does use it to avoid some sprinkles a few days before leaving for Jacksonville where it pours harder than nickel night at Ho Malley's back in the late 1980s? 
  • (Because that will happen. Maybe or maybe not during Richt's tenure. But there are coaches out there made of sugar. So I've heard.)
  • Then again, maybe you're the kind of guy that sprints through a drizzle to get into Target as dry as possible so your coat doesn't drip on your wife's box of tampons. To each his own.
  • Better yet, will you complain when the team uses it to avoid the August heat just weeks away from playing in Hell's cockpit, Columbia SC?
  • (Because that will happen. Maybe or maybe not during Richt's tenure, but there are coaches out there that grew up well north of the Tate Center. So I've heard.)
  • Have you thought about what your new and improved excuse will be when UGA loses a high profile prima donna recruit after the construction is complete?
Lastly, have you emailed AD McGarity yet about having to eat soggy nachos? Nevernind. I bet you just sit at home if it rains on fall Saturdays so you can get an early start the next day on the NFL Sunday Ticket, where there are teams that actually play tackle football indoors.