Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Just working on getting my knees up better."

Trying not to beat this horse to death before the season even starts, but I can't think of one player I'm more excited to see Saturday than Keith Marshall.

Ok, a couple things and then I'll leave this alone. At least until tomorrow. First, he was just emerging from his buddy's shadow last October when he was lost for the season. He's as dangerous as a receiver out of the backfield as he is taking a handoff. He's faster than he was. He's stronger than he was. And he just has to be more determined.

Lastly, watch this and tell me Clempson shouldn't be worried.

[post edit: I didn't realize last night when putting this together that the ESPN video was one of those auto play ones, and I can't seem to get it to NOT autoplay. So I've un-embedded it. Just use the link and I apologize to anyone who hates autoplay vids as much as I do.]