Monday, August 18, 2014

Pruitt's tough love

More than halfway through camp and the defensive backfield situation is as clear as mud. Swann seems an easy bet to start. So does JJ Green. At times.
via Vorhees

It's been the hot question ever since Pruitt took over in January. Is there reason for discouragement just 12 days out that the starters haven't emerged? I don't think so. And the players don't seem concerned about it either.
As proof, Pruitt needs to be able to trust his secondary. He’s trying to find who knows the calls, who recognizes the formations and who knows what to do with both once a scenario arises. In practice, Pruitt, always vocal, has been particularly loud when talking to Green.
Green doesn’t take it personally because he knows the pressure and challenges will only get tougher as the season progresses.
“We’re the ones that if you can take him in practice, you can take him anywhere,” Green said. “You can take the criticism of 90,000 fans. It’s a great thing that he’s caring like he does.”
The answers will come. Until then, the questions (and the criticism) will have to suffice.