Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ramik Wilson situation

This has been building for some time. Really ever since Wilson missed his first practice with a concussion. Richt hinted at it. Ekeler hinted at it. And yesterday it became official - Wilson is an All-SEC linebacker, but is second string on his own team.

Of course, "official" is a strong word when it comes to pre-season depth charts. My guess is Pruitt told the Sports Information desk that he didn't have anyone worthy of a depth chart, much less his first team.

But I digress. Back to Wilson, I believe he ends up starting Saturday night. I think he's being pushed by his coaches as well as by the younger guys behind him. The line of people wanting to see more of a rotation at inside linebacker last season was a long one, and it started with Coach Richt. Most likely, guys like Kimbrough and Carter and Rankin have been showing progress since last summer. In the last couple weeks apparently, they caught up to last season's leader in tackles.

The spin is that Wilson has slipped, that he's overrated considering the attention he's garnered lately. But the truth is his coaches believe in him. He went to SEC Media Days. He's been around to see plenty of live action. He's experienced. This latest development is just another testament to the fact that this August is different than last August. Now, all players must earn their snaps. And in the end, everything will work out. The defensive coordinator will substitute exponentially more than last season. That spells progress if you ask me.

Besides, when it comes time to truly tee it up and buckle that chin strap, Wilson has something those other guys don't...