Thursday, August 21, 2014

This August > Last August

I'm really going to jump the shark with this tomorrow, but for now let's reminisce:
Probably the best summary to yesterday's finale is we went in hoping for some closure and only got more questions. Now we'll spend the next eight months bickering at each other and feeding on our own self-loathing and discontent. Was it coaching? Was it injuries? Was it rotten luck? Was it the lack of an indoor practice facility??!!?? Should the was be an is?

Or is it just an unhealthy life choice that we continually force ourselves into year in and year out? Welcome to another off season of discontent. Your reserved seat is waiting.
That's what I wrote to close out the 2013 season after the Gator Bowl loss. You remember that day, back when we were staring at countless days of gnashing the teeth without the comfort of anonymity behind our defensive coordinator's towel. We were at the precipice of endless blog posts and message threads that could be summed up in these few words - Will Grantham finally turn things around? Doubtful.

Given that, I can take some concern over unresolved personnel issues. The fact that so many starters have yet to emerge speaks to the vast difference in where the bar is now set for players to clear the hurdle of getting on the field. Let me sum up:

Last August - "I showed your momma my picture of me, Jerry Jones and Tony Romo right? Ok then, you're starting against Clemson."
This August - "You just missed a tackle and a kid wearing an orange jersey scored! Get in the back of the line!"

Change has come and we have been reminded that it isn't easy. Our off season of discontent happily morphed into an off season of questions without answers. Unfortunately, it's likely those answers won't come until the coaches can see some of these guys in live action. Under the lights. When the game is on the line.

Yes, that's frightening. But I'm thrilled the discontent is in the rear view mirror. I'm excited for the future of Georgia football. Mostly because back on January 2nd I never wanted to see August again.