Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Homer's thoughts on Sakerlina

Daryl Gamble, eating some chicken. (via John Curry)
I thought we should have went to the big dance in 2007. But of course since we didn't win our conference we weren't worthy of going. Thankfully, they've amended that rule. Ama right Bammers?
 2008.  It was a bad omen for me when Uga VI went down that summer. Wee Willie was in the last stages of the Van Gorder Effect and after the 2009 season he was joining the wagon train out west. Two years after the Ole Ball Coach  left the NFL and brought his National Championship ring back to the SEC to be a Cock(No pun intended). Saban followed and brought his to the Bammer nation. This was  soon to become the "Perfect Storm" for CMR and our beloved  Dawgs. After a 7-6 start Saban took  Alabama to an SECC in 2008 and later faced a 1 loss CUM coached team (again thanks for the rule change. Karma for Bama) for a shot at the title. Florida won. Saban and Alabama were to win it all  in 2009. 

Now fast forward to 2014. The world of college football has changed. Urban is at The oSU.(LMAO!) The team that Satan built to beat the power pro style teams is old school now. The house that SOS built at uSC has taken a step back and Spur ain't the same coach today. Time spares no one. Agent Muschamp is in play at Florida. 

Georgia is the new style game. We can ground and pound And spread it around (I am a poet when not blogging). We have a new DC that brought a new focus and some National Championship smack of his own to our party. 

The betting line started at 3.5 on the Dawgs and within hours moved to 6. It will hit 10 before you know it. Will it go to 13? Get 'em in when  you can sports fans.