Sunday, September 7, 2014

A special kind of revival

I've been watching college football long enough to know that special teams play a key role in most wins or losses and that Georgia has a storied history when it comes to this phase of the game. Whether it's a replay of Scott Woerner returning a punt into the throat of a coverage team, Rex Robinson kicking the whatchamacallit out of it, Damian Gary breaking into the second level again, or Kanon Parkman breaking those engiNerds hearts, Georgia fans know good special teams play starts with the right players and the right attitude.

Which is why this comes as such welcome news to all of us.
“This year, if you don’t play special teams you’re not going to play,” said Wilson, who is on kickoffs, kickoff return and the punt team after being on just kickoffs last year. “If you’re a starter, you’ve got to start on a special teams. They’re serious about that.”
Good head coaches place special emphasis on special teams. Great ones find a way to get a competitive advantage using them. I don't know yet if Georgia's special teams will win a game for us this season. But I did feel the energy lift after Gurley's kick return last week.

So it becomes less likely that they'll lose a game for us this season.