Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dawgs vs vols - news from the hills

Some links to catch you up from the goings and comings in enemy territory.

- Vol coaches not only expect DT Trevarris Saulsberry to play Saturday (he re-aggravated a knee injury in August), but also to play a key role in the trenches.
“He brings presence in that he’s a 300-pound guy, and we’re a little short on those kinds of guys right now. He brings a lot to the room. It’s good to see him out there working with the reps.”
- Tennessee defensive coordinator John Jancek isn't distracted by his return to Sanford's sidelines:
“I could care less," he said. “I’m going there to win a game. I’m proud to be at Tennessee, and we’re going down there to try to do our job — obtain a victory.” 
Wrong sideline WilMart.
-  Something Cory hit on earlier this week, Tennessee will plan to use tight ends to help their offensive line in pass protection.
“We’ve had that in the package, as far as whether (the tight ends are) staying in for pass pro or just helping out,” Elder said. “That’s certainly part of the package, and we base that week to week on how much help those guys are going to need and so forth.”
-  Vol linebacker AJ Johnson is glad Gurley will be on the field for this year's game.
"I look forward to playing every opponent, but I know he's one of the top running backs," said A.J. Johnson, Tennessee's All-SEC linebacker. "I always like playing the best, so I'm glad he's back."
- At Rocky Top Talk, Chris Pendley previews the game and hopes Bobo doesn't run the ball much, if at all.
On Tennessee's side, this will be the deepest and best rushing attack the Vols have faced so far and likely will face this year (depending on your opinion of Alabama's RB stable). Their yards per carry allowed are solid enough so far, clocking in at 3.9 YPC, which is around NCAA average. Given that Tennessee's strengths lie in defending the pass (6.2 YPA, top third in the NCAA), that's another sign to run the dang ball.
- And OC Mike Bajakian on Pruitt's defense:
“They’re very disruptive. I think that’s the best way to describe them,” Bajakian said. “They’re very athletic and aggressive, they’re aggressive schematically and in their style of play. They create a lot of ball disruptions, take aways and we’ll definitely face that challenge.”