Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Even if the secondary doesn't improve all season.. ain't gonna be for lack of trying. (via Emerson)
Georgia's secondary was configured a bit differently during the media viewing period of Tuesday's practice. It did not, however, include Shattle Fenteng.
The junior cornerback, who was shut down the past two weeks because of shoulder problems, was not at practice, indicating that he's still not ready to play. Fenteng, a junior college transfer, was set to be a key addition to this year's secondary, but has yet to play.
A couple other defensive backs were back after recent injuries: Starting cornerback Damian Swann, held out of the Troy game because of a headache, was in a regular white jersey. Safety Quincy Mauger, who went out with a shoulder stinger, was in a green non-contact jersey but was participating.
Mauger was not with the first team, however, after starting against Troy. J.J. Green, the sophomore who was ejected for targeting after one play against Troy, was with the first team at safety in the nickel defense. Aaron Davis, who has started the past three games at safety, shifted down to cornerback. Devin Bowman, who started the first three games at safety, was also with the second team.
Sheldon Dawson, the junior who has not played in the past two games, was with the second team at the star position.
We've talked a lot about how refreshing it's been to see some adjustments within the game. Gotta also give Coach Pruitt his due for making changes day to day. He's been doing it since spring. And as nice as it would be to see a solid starting lineup week to week, it's good to know he's not just giving it an "Aww shucks" shoulder shrug and then return to banging his head against a wall.