Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humpday Hilarity - HillBilly Mafia

(L-R Cletus, Slick and Mean Jeans)
Curious traveler in eastern Tennessee falls for "Balled Pnuts" sign and pulls car over to side of road.

Cletus - "Um, give us yo possum pelts."
Slick - "Yup."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...]
Cletus - "Ya makin' Mean Jean mad. Hand em over!"
Slick - "Yup. Possum pelts."
Mean Jeans - [...silence...farts, then...silence...]

Curious traveler steps back toward car and peels off through noxious cloud.

Cletus - "Heh. Got us another one boys."
Slick - "Yup."
Mean Jeans - [....silence...]