Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In Hutson we trust

If we're being perfectly honest, we don't need a world beater under center this season. Mason would be the first to admit this, but if Georgia is to make a serious run towards Atlanta then we need better play from our quarterback than we had Saturday. Plain and simple.

Which is why we're all perplexed. I had been convinced that something was wrong with Mason's arm. He cut back on his throwing between spring practices and summer camp. I guess I read too much into that, but word out of practices is that he has plenty of zip on his deep throws. We're just not seeing it in games.

The Hutson Mason of 2014 hasn't been the guy we were introduced to at the end of 2013. And if it's not something physical, then it's between the ears. The guy is smart and confident. You tell that from the way he speaks. But he's playing not to lose instead of to win. Maybe that means it was drilled into his head that he just needs to manage the game and avoid the costly mistake. Against Clemson and Troy that worked. Against South Carolina and Tennessee, there were times when more was needed.

I think we might see more of Bauta against the Commodores - nothing much, but he's made for that zone read that worked so well against Tennessee. Mason even scored on a quick zone read. And depending on how that goes maybe even more of Bauta going forward. (For more on that, check out Seth and Gentry's comments in yesterday's podcast.)

But barring a package here and there, or even some mop up duty (*crosses fingers*), we're not going to see the change at quarterback that some fans would like to see. And if Mason can just go out there and play like the guy that was down 20-0 on North Avenue, we don't need Ramsey, Bauta, Stafford or DJ Shockley's shadow to win games.

We just need Hutson Mason. Now.