Monday, September 22, 2014

"It's not a bad way to play a ball game."

The next step to accepting the fact that at Georgia, the quarterback is just a supporting role this season.
So head coach Mark Richt was asked Sunday if, given the talent at running back, this is just who Georgia is going to be this year?
“Yeah it’s possible,” Richt said. “There’s no doubt there’s talented bunch of backs, and we’re run-blocking pretty darn good. It’s not a bad way to play a ball game.” It’s only a small sample, but Georgia ranks 12th nationally in rushing offense, at 304 yards per game, and second nationally in yards per rush attempt, at 7.73. Only Wisconsin is better.
On the other hand, Georgia ranks 107th nationally in passing yards per game (167.3), and 102nd in yards per pass completion (10.46).
We need Hutson Mason under center this season. And eventually we're gonna need him to make a throw to win a ballgame. But the offensive identity has shifted.

The ball ain't heavy. So keep on running it.