Thursday, September 4, 2014

One (flawless!) quarter does not a season make

Been working on a post that I just can’t seem to finish. Kinda caught between the lasting excitement of Saturday night’s victory and the reality that it was just one game. It’s not often you get to witness 15 practically flawless minutes of football when the offense is unstoppable and the defense is dialed in and off the chain. So the excitement regionally and nationally is somewhat understandable.

But the other side is that really the only thing that Saturday’s game proved was that Clemson’s flaws were greater than Georgia’s. It’s encouraging that the defense is further along than we’d hoped. It’s encouraging that the offensive line was able to lean on a quality opponent so late in the game. Those two insights give me great hope for the 2014 season.

So we wait. An off week this early is a good thing right? As much as I’d like to see the team build on that 4th quarter’s energy by getting back out there as soon as possible, I’m also appreciative that the coaches get an extra few days to break those guys down and teach them back up.

And that’s what is most encouraging – teaching. If we learned anything in that second half it’s that this coaching staff, and consequently the team, is about teaching and learning. They are about adjustments and doing what’s going to work instead of sticking with what is most definitely not.

In short, I’d love to be packing for South Carolina right now. But I can wait.