Monday, September 15, 2014


Let's be honest, after two games Georgia needs to perform better under it offensively and they need to find ways to dial it up defensively.

First, offense. Averaging 40 points a game is great. But the reality is that's only good for 9th in the conference. Four of the teams ahead of Georgia are on the schedule. So the short of it is that there's going to be more times this season when the offensive line has to man up, the quarterback has to make a play, the running backs have to get that extra yard, and the coaches have to earn that paycheck. Coach Friend needs to do some soul searching. Coach McClendon needs to walk up to Bobo and say "WTF dude? Give it to my boy." Coach Ball needs to find some street legal healing salve.

Sure, I know the sentiment is that Coach Bobo deserves some slack. I get that. Really, I do. But this has been Todd Gurley's team ever since Aaron Murray was carried off the field. He's got to get the damn football when the game is on the line, period.


Defensively, this season may live and die with how upright the opposing quarterbacks find themselves after the snap of the ball. Three games into the season (for most teams) there's still going to be some numbers inflation prior to the usual late September regression, but looking at the passing stats for the conference, there are a number of teams up there that chunk the ball around to the tune of 40 times a game. Starting with Tennessee in a couple weeks.

This secondary is better than last season. But they have to have pressure up front. If that was pleasantly obvious a couple weeks ago after the last fifteen minutes against Clemson, it's painfully obvious now.

Dylan Thomson isn't a world beater. Neither are Justin Worley, Maty Mauk, Brandon Allen or Jeff Driskel. Unless they're are given time to look like they are.

And while we're being perfectly honest, let's all take a deep breath. Losing to less talented teams is a bitter pill. But let's back away from the ledge. Lot of football left. It's a good time to take a look around and see that both the East and the West are shaping up to be feast or famine type races. We got stepped on Saturday night. Let's see how these Dawgs get themselves off the mat.

That's about as concisely as I can diagnose things right now. Feel free to elaborate and pontificate below.