Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Putting Gamecocks in the rearview

Ready to move forward. And I feel like we probably will be able to later today when (hopefully) the coordinators are made available to the media. Had that happened Saturday night in Columbia I think there still would have been some gnashing of teeth, but at least we would've heard from the two guys that were making the decisions and designed the gameplan.

Sure, the truth is we're not likely to hear much of anything that will stop the message boreds and the twitter from bleeding a death of rage and self-destruction. But leadership should have a face in both good times and bad. I'm fairly certain we'll hear from Bobo. Coach Pruitt evidently decides when he is and when he isn't available for the media. If he chooses not to sit in front of the cameras on Tuesday after two of his players answered questions Saturday night, that's a much bigger issue for me than why his gameplan didn't work in Columbia.