Tuesday, September 9, 2014

South Carolina needs a perfect game?

This post from enemy territory has a flair for the dramatic, but it hits on the big point for Gamecock fans I think. And that is Mike Davis is undoubtedly the horse that drives the buggy.
A healthy Mike Davis is an absolute game-changer, as we witnessed against the Pirates. The personnel changes on the offensive line helped net 175 rushing yards as a team, and the 10-minute fourth-quarter drive that put the game away. Now the challenge is to try and do that against a Georgia defense that held Clemson to 88 yards on the ground in a 45-21 victory on Aug. 30.
And how do they meet that challenge? Perfectly.
South Carolina may to have to play very close to a perfect football game to beat Georgia - but as anyone who saw the upset of Alabama in 2010 knows, underdog Gamecock squads coached by Spurrier have managed such feats before.  
And that, gives me pause. We touched on the recent history yesterday, And I will share more directed thoughts as to this Saturday's matchup in the coming days. However, I will say that the more talented team is Georgia. Clearly. Does Richt's team have their feet under them enough to survive a true road test? Or is 2012 still ringing in their ears?
If Georgia goes in and just plays against another team, then things could get ugly for Spurrier's least talented squad in years. But if they put themselves up against more than that, then recent history could easily repeat itself.

South Carolina might need the perfect game to win. Georgia just needs the perfect mindset.