Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Thoughts on another HillBilly nail biter

Look, Tennessee was (alot?....somehwat???...) better than I thought they'd be. But....
  • We made it as easy on them as we could. Turnovers. Penalties. Prevent defense.
  • Defense showed its flaws. Sure. But to be perfectly honest, they worked their ass off. How awful was it for the defense to force a punt on 4th and three, just to have to go right back on the field after the illegal substitution? And then we came out with only 10! Jeebus.
  • Judging a young secondary for its glaring mistakes is one thing. But for my money, the coaches nor the offense did them many favors. Especially the second half.
  • Great job by the pass rush to put Worley on his ass. Lorenzo Carter is a young man with really bad intentions.
  • Great job by the front seven to even the turnover margin.
  • And how bout that punt! Great job by the punt coverage to give the defense that opportunity.
  • I don't know that we need a backup quarterback, but we need one that can stretch the field and make a play on third and long.
  • Mason isn't the same. Something is off. I don't know if he's having issues with his arm or if it's something else.
  • And it's not all his arm either. What the hell was with that roll out/ his left? I think it was Conley that broke wide open, and it was a beautiful play call. But there was no way Mason was going to be able to make that throw rolling to his left.
  • It's going to be an interesting week. A lot to work to do during Vandy week, with difficult road tests looming.