Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Thoughts on a shutout

Nice day. Nice crowd. Great win.

- this was a "get right" win. No mistake.
- there was nothing that concerned me.
- except officiating. But that goes without saying, right?
- with all due respect to Sony Michel, who had a tremendous game, my player of the game is Greg Pyke. You pick a dude up and throw him in the endzone and you and Jesus are just alright with me.
- the defense found a way to pitch a shutout, and that included Tramel Terry "catching" a pass y'all!
- the QBs? Mason looked good, Ramsey looked good, and Bauta looked unstoppable in the red zone.
- wildcat? Yes. Please!
- raise your hand if you wear a Georgia helmet and have NOT played on defense...
- prayers for Quincy Mauger and Keith Marshall. 
- Brendan Douglas got to truck a couple Trojans. Life is good!

Bring on another nooner!

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