Friday, September 26, 2014

Trending optimistic. Very.

I tend to agree with The Senator, what's not to like about this matchup for Georgia? Unless the Dawgs come out flat I just don't see a Tennessee team that can hang around for four quarters.

There's a lot of talk this week (and to be honest, probably every week from here on out) about Pruitt being able to generate a pass rush. It's absolutely crucial for this defense. Stretch that key to the game over the course of 60 minutes of tackle football and another important question comes to mind: Is Butch Jones' young offensive line in good enough shape to play this kind of game on the road?

One of their top receivers will not travel. Worley seems improved over last season, but this line has to have help in order to give him time to see downfield. Gurley missed last year's game in Knoxville, but feasted on them in 2012 - 24 carries, 130 yards and two touchdowns. A year ago, this game pointed out a lot of Georgia's special teams' problems as serious flaws. They've been corrected and have proven to be an advantage at times, a weapon even! This year it is Tennessee's special teams that have been shaky and inconsistent.

The only downside here is the start time. Last year's game against Missouri is still too fresh perhaps. But there's something to be said for a wild, frenzied environment. Last night's game between Georgia Southern and App State proved that. The Mountaineers were down 10-zip before they could even blink. By the time their offense avoided a three and out the Eagles had found their rhythm.

That comes easily from about 3:30 on into the night. Noon kicks have to have it manufactured.

So get there early and get there loud. I think we'll be pleased with the results.