Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Very special field position

While Morgan tied a record and while the crowd eyed the return men anxiously, it was another aspect of the special teams that had an equally important impact Saturday night.
Field position was key in this game. Clemson’s average starting spot was its own 18. Georgia’s was its own 42.
Marshall Morgan had only one touchback so the coverage team certainly did its job. A pooch kickoff worked out, too, with Clemson starting from its 22. Collin Barber averaged 45.4 yards per punt, including that booming 60 yarder.
A twenty-four yard advantage in starting field position? Yes. Please. More of that!

Of course it felt as if Georgia's offense was gearing down for pretty much all of the third quarter as time after time the defense forced a punt from the shadows of Clemson's own endzone and yet Bobo's crew was not able to capitalize. However, it all paid off in spades in the fourth when the gameplan really came to fruition and the Tigers wilted. Hard.

Makes you realize that Saturday night was more than just the headlines that Gurley and the defense earned. It was a victory complete from all three phases of the game.