Wednesday, October 1, 2014

About Vandy's Darrius Sims

He doesn't play offense. But he's led the Commodores in scoring for two consecutive games. He's largely the reason Spurrier famously took over special teams duties in Columbia after Sims ran two kick returns back against the Gamecocks. And last Saturday, in the form of an interception return, he accounted for Vanderbilt's only touchdown.

With the Commodores desperate for yards and scoring, Coach Mason's turning to rarely if ever used weapons to touch the ball on offense.
He gone.
"Believe me, and I said it (Monday) night on the radio show, and I'm saying to the TV: Just so you understand, Darrius Sims and Trent Sherfield will get the ball," Mason said. "They are going to touch the ball. I don't know how many times, but they are going to get the ball in their hands. One thing I know about those guys is that they're dynamic."
Sims was a three-star athlete out of Memphis. He's small, but obviously very quick. Although he had no significant stats against us last season as a freshman, he's certainly on the Georgia coaches' radar this week. Especially since the Dawgs gave up over 25 yards per return against Tennessee, and allowed 28 per return against South Carolina.

Now they'll also have to keep a lookout for Sims on offense, as well as freshman wide receiver/speedster Trent Sherfield. Pruitt's front likes to play aggressively and quickly to the ball. So look for Vanderbilt to attack that with end-arounds, mis-direction and draw plays. The latter was especially effective for Tennessee this past Saturday.

If Vandy can take away Georgia's aggressiveness up front, it will allow their very young quarterback a little more time to work their passing game. Coach Mason knows who his playmakers are. Georgia would do themselves some good if they got to know Sims, on a very personal basis, too.