Monday, October 6, 2014

Agent Muschamp continues to deliver (UPDATED)

Could've been much worse.
This is a story trying to gather its legs. Mr. Jones even had his post about how Harris was suspended taken down for some reason. Could be that the UF brass is trying to get a handle on it first. And I'm not saying they're trying to cover it up. There's also the possibility that a serious, lengthy, and thorough investigation needs to take place before any rash judgment is handed down that could jeopardize the rest of the team's morale./end snark

So, stay tuned.



The original story is back up, but it stops short of saying Harris is suspended.
A source close to the investigation has confirmed that the University of Florida police department is investigating University of Florida quarterback TreonHarris for a possible felony charge.
The source, speaking to FLORIDA TODAY, confirmed that the investigation will take several weeks which leaves Harris' status for Saturday in doubt.

Confirmed to be a sexual assault case from early Sunday morning. Multiple sources saying he's suspended. Here's the UF statement. (h/t Barrett Sallee)