Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Butch, perhaps bricks are too slow a way to strategize?

Vol Nation's head brick mason is being called out (h/t AHD) for not playing their young sophomore quarterback after Joshua Dobbs' led Tennessee to 17 consecutive points against Alabama.
You might have been wondering what if UT had turned to Dobbs instead of Peterman when Worley missed parts of the third and fourth quarter with an injured elbow in a 35-32 loss to Georgia.
You also might have been wondering what if UT had given Dobbs a series or two when the offense had gone stagnant in a 10-9 loss to Florida.
Dobbs was hardly perfect against Alabama. He lost a fumble. He threw an interception.
But he rushed for 75 yards, completed 19 of 32 passes for 192 yards, and brought a dead offense back to life.
Along the way, he sometimes made one of the best defenses in the country look bad.
He made his head coach look worse.
In Jones' defense, Dobbs was hardly stellar last season:

But sounds like a lot of HillBillys are wondering why he was being saved for future seasons. Especially when Nathan Peterman was the second option:

Bricks sometimes crumble despite a man's best efforts.