Monday, October 27, 2014

Double digit favorites? Please.

Last night news spread that Georgia had opened up as a double digit favorite in this Saturday's renewal of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Dean Legge was quick to point something out:
That should provide some frame of reference (especially for some of you who are new to this series' history) for how this game has gone for Georgia. I've got a post coming on one particular Georgia blowout, but the battle on the St. John's is usually a close one.

Legge also points to something else of significance. Even though the series is skewed in Georgia's favor (and once was heavily skewed that direction), recent history has been all Gators. Until....2011, which began the current three game Dawgs win streak.

We really need to set our minds right y'all. I know, betting lines are set to encourage wagers. And this line had to be somewhat inflated to encourage bettors to have some faith in Will Muschamp's team. But we don't need a team or a fan base heading down to Jacksonville with too much bravado.