Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Emmert winks at UGA, and FSU (??)

As Weiszer reports, NCAA President Mark Emmert is happy with the way UGA is handling their amateurism bidness.
“From the facts that we know today, publicly, Georgia’s behavior has been commendable,” Emmert said in an interview with the Associated Press Monday. “They, apparently, saw something that concerned them, and they dealt with it directly and their athletic department seems to have handled that very, very appropriately based on what we know today.”
Then he may just take a veiled shot at the House that Jameis is running amok through.
Meanwhile, Florida State has continued to play Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston even after he was also accused of receiving improper benefits for autographs. Playing ineligible players could mean a school having to vacate wins.
“When a school has information about inappropriate behavior that might render a student-athlete ineligible, then they’re under an obligation to respond,” Emmert said. “If it turns out later that they did know and did have facts that demonstrated that someone was ineligible and they played them anyway, then sure those wins can be vacated and that’s happened many times.” 
If I were an FSU alum, I'd be checking my faith in the admin's leadership about now.

But since I'm a Dawg, I'll just say thanks for the compliment Mark. Can we get our dude back already?!?