Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finishing the fourth quarter drill

Arkansas is a team desperate for an SEC win. And a lot of the reason they haven't won a conference game this season and even going back to the end of last season is due to the fourth quarter.
Arkansas spent two weeks working on its fourth quarter flaws after suffering a 35-28 overtime loss to Texas A&M. The struggles – at least on offense – didn’t end in the 14-13 loss to Alabama in Razorback Stadium last Saturday.
Arkansas was scoreless in the fourth quarter against a Southeastern Conference opponent for the third time this season. Auburn, Texas A&M and Alabama have now outscored the Razorbacks 38-0 in the fourth quarter and overtime.
“I saw drives that didn’t get going, drives that stalled out,” Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said Monday. “It’s kind of been a continuing theme for us, unfortunately, in SEC play and it’s something I really began to hone in and be aware of last week and tried to make certain adjustments. But it’s something I’ve challenged our offensive staff with, and our players. Obviously, the biggest failure for us overall is to not put points on the board in the fourth quarter and to win close games.”
The Razorbacks could manage only 35 yards on 16 plays against the Crimson Tide, struggling to move the ball with the game on the line. Arkansas had four possessions, but went three-plays-and-out twice, was stuffed on fourth down on its third chance and quarterback Brandon Allen threw an interception at the end.
Thats a team that's learn in how to win. And they're close.

And a lot of people feel that's is exactly what the game is going to be - close.  If they're right then any mistakes in the last fifteen minutes are amplified. Georgia is first in the nation in fourth quarter scoring; the Razorbacks are 85th.

It might just be the point where Brandon Allen or Hutson Mason is asked to make a throw to win it, while the team with the lead leans on it's speciality of running the ball.