Friday, October 10, 2014

Gurley: what I hope and what I fear

One thing I haven't heard anyone ask, if there's a video of someone that's supposed to be Gurley signing autographs, was the person signing said autographs left-handed?

Anyway...part optimism and part paranoid. All speculation:

What I hope...
Gurley misses somewhere between a half and two games. That's about the best we can hope for at this point. To be honest, what I was hearing earlier last evening would probably have put him out the rest of the season. But the internet loves grease fires. Hopefully, it's just a few hundred bucks and the rest of the team doesn't suffer from one poor decision. The only positive I can find in this mess is that it seems this guy was shopping his name and phone number around quite a bit. Hopefully that helps the resolution come sometime before the NFL Combine.

What I fear...
Frankly, AJ Green chapter two. Things get messy and the whole thing drags. I'm sure UGA has had people on this for a while now and trying to decide how long they could wait out in front. So their investigation should be wrapped up soon, if not already. This whole thing sounds eerily similar to the Manziel deal, but somehow whenever UGA plays by the book they call "The Georgia Way", we just get screwed.

I'll be back later with the Friday Misery. Or maybe I'll just go climb back in bed, pull the covers up, and see if this shitbrick's address comes to me in a dream.