Thursday, October 2, 2014

Looking over the SEC East

Even though all six teams are four or five games in (except Florida who paid for an extra bye week....), the waters seem even muddier than they were to start the season. Remember when Sakerlina was the trendy pick and the Gators seemed so sexy to the tv suits? Now the only team without a legitimate shot is Vanderbilt.

So seems a good time to look at each team, their record, and their remaining schedule.

Missouri (1-0)
Remaining games in order - BYE, Georgia, @Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, BYE, @A&M, @Tenn, Arkansas

Outlook - Control their own destiny and get a week before their two toughest tests, Georgia next week at home and in College Station on 11/15. Was the Indiana loss just a blip? Have they truly replaced the playmakers on both sides of the ball that they had in their division winning 2013 season?
via AJ Reynolds

South Carolina (2-2)
Remaining games - @Kentucky, BYE, Furman, @Auburn, Tennessee, BYE, @Florida, South Alabama, @Clemson

Outlook - Essentially have two weeks to work on that trip to Auburn, which could make or break their season. Privately, the OBC is hoping Georgia beats Missouri and then loses Todd Gurley to an alien abduction.

Georgia (1-1)
Remaining games - Vanderbilt, @Missouri, @Arkansas, BYE, Florida, @Kentucky, Auburn, Charleston Southern, Georgia Tech

Outlook - Once again control our own destiny. If Pruitt can find a way for the secondary to balance out his pass rush some, Georgia could cruise. Especially if Tennessee continues to trend upwards.

Florida (1-1)
Remaining games - @Tennessee, LSU, Missouri, BYE, Georgia, @Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Eastern Kentucky, @FSU

Outlook - Only way they stay in the race is if Muschamp can convince his team to play for him not to lose his job. And also, only if Danny Wuerffel walks back through that door.

Kentucky (1-1)
Remaining games - South Carolina, Louisiana Monroe, @LSU, Miss State, @Missouri, Georgia, @Tennessee, BYE, Louisville

Outlook - Playing better under Stoops. But in October and November is when a team's quality of depth really comes into play.

Tennessee (0-1)
Remaining games - Florida, Chattanooga, @Ole Miss, Alabama, @South Carolina, BYE, Kentucky, Missouri, @Vanderbilt

Outlook - Still looking for that signature win, but it seems now a matter of when and not if. A difficult schedule and a young offensive line will make it hard to win the division this season.

Vanderbilt (0-3)
Remaining games - @Georgia, Charleston Southern, BYE, @Missouri, Old Dominion, Florida, BYE, @Miss State, Tennessee

Outlook - When does basketball season start?