Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now, why didn't we think of that?

Not that Prez Adams was ever involved in something as malicious and litigious as player safety like Michigan's administration, but a rally would've been a good opportunity to tailgate at the feet of UGA's greatest dictator.
Students and fans flooded the front lawn of University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel's on-campus house Tuesday night, demanding the school get rid of athletic director Dave Brandon.
A few hundred protesters gathered at the school's nearby Diag -- a popular outdoor meeting place on campus -- at 6 p.m. and marched the short distance to the president's house a half-hour later. Craig Kaplan, an undergraduate senior, stood on the home's front steps and led chants with a bullhorn as the rally wound down shortly before 7 p.m.
Come to think of it, seems like there was a time when Adam's home was marched upon. Though I can't remember the reason...?? (The specific reason that is. I can think of plenty.)

"Schlissel's house is that way!"