Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Thoughts on Gurley being left-handed

Spectacular day in Athens. But, you knew that already.
  • After all the weekdays of belaboring the point, Hutson Mason looked both better, and worse.
  • He stood in and threw a couple balls that were clean, decisive and confident.
  • He had a few others that were brain farts.
  • Bobo allowed Mason to operate in the HUNH some. I faintly remember back when I thought we'd be using that strategy a lot more.
  • Never saw JSW get on the field, but Malcolm got a few snaps and looked good. It'd been a long time since we've seen that.
  • Conley's long haul from Mason reminded me of a point that Tyler made the other day. I don't recall if Mitchell was in on that play, but Conley was in single coverage and had his guy beat.
  • And Ramsey...well, he's not very good rolling out, is he? Had a few balls sail on him
  • But Gurley....damn.
  • Seriously, if someone came up to your face today and said there was no way Todd Gurley could win dancing with the stars, split an atom, solve atlanta traffic, make a perfect omelet, ride a scooter un-maliciously...would you believe them?
  • Like me, on the post game show Richt sounded a little surprised Bobo called that pass from the #WildGurley formation. You know, against Vanderbilt.
  • But hey, gives the Raging Pinkels something to think about this week.
  • Defensively...I'd give run defense a B and pass defense a C+. But overall they consistently forced the Commodores into long down and distances. And they only converted 2/13 on third down, 1/2 on fourth.
  • Hard to complain about a blowout, but the special teams were not, special.
  • Poor punts. Bad returns. Blocked PATs.
  • Richt specifically mentioned the punting game in the lockerroom. Barber had four and averaged just 34 yards per. Erickson came in and only punted for 32 yards.
  • Meh.
  • Is it just me or should that last Vanderbilt touchdown have been reviewed?
Back to Gurley. He's the clear front runner now for every post season award he qualifies for. That's cool. And what is even more impressive for Georgia fans is that each week he finds new ways to entertain, amaze, and just generally drop jaws.

What will he do next week? I couldn't even venture a guess really. But I'm anxious to find out.