Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday thoughts on the pig pickin'

I don't watch College Gameday. But I did watch Twitter while it watched College Gameday, and the angst level was particularly high. Personally, I just kept wondering if word of the national disinterest in a Georgia sans Gurley team was reaching the ears and eyes of the team out in Little Rock.

Whether it did or it didn't, Richt's team made quite the statement. Whenever Hutson Mason hangs up the cleats he should make a nice career as a motivational speaker.

- That opening drive by Arkansas was everything this game was built up to be - smash mouth, physical football. It was efficient and bullish enough to make you a little worried.
- But if this was supposed to be a grind it out three yards and a cloud of dust affair, Georgia didn't get that memo by the time Mason took the first snap.
- That play action was probably Mason's best of the season and the ball was thrown perfectly to Conley. As impressive as Mason's 78% completion percentage was last week against Missouri, his 10+ yards per attempt yesterday was equally so.
- And that was clearly by design. Bobo decided to get the Razorbacks' defense off kilter early and his quarterback responded by making his best throws of the season.
- And then Chubb took care of the rest.
- I mean, what more can you say about this kid? I'll let Nabulsi handle that kind of heavy lifting:
-  Seems to me that young man has earned a bye week. Good timing.
- Special teams. Take away the poorly executed onside kick and it was about as good of a day in the kicking game as you could ask for as a whole. Morgan had four of his seven kickoffs go as touchbacks.
- And hey! A blocked kick! Cool.
- Damian Swann was everywhere the ball was it seemed: 11 total tackles, two forced fumbles, a sack, an interception. Wow.
- If the first few games were about watching the secondary struggle, the last two have been about watching them play with more and more confidence. Sure, it was uncomfortable to watch the second half slide into Arkansas' favor, but the reaction to the ball and the overall coverage skills are vastly improved over the first couple weeks of the season.
- Staying with the second half drop, give Arkansas credit. They didn't give up and took everything Georgia was giving. It many ways, that was the team we expected to see in the Razorbacks.
- Which makes the way Georgia started even more impressive and brings me back to that first point. During two weeks when little attention is being given to the team as a whole, the coaches have had the guys ready to play and the team leaders have led with their words and their play.

Looking forward to the bye week. Looking forward to some closure in Gurley-Gate. Looking forward to spending 14 days devoted to nothing but hating Florida.