Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Pruitt Way

I'm not a guy you'll hear saying "Just wait til next season". Mostly because I probably have more football seasons behind me than I do in front. And normally I wouldn't even attempt to make this point the day of a key SEC road test. But I know we're all frustrated with the program and the ones who oversee it. We had hoped to have answers this week and little if any came.

But I find comfort in these thoughts and quotes that Loran Smith passes along from his feature on our defensive coordinator:
He would rather work with a player who wants to learn to excel by doing it the right way, no matter his level of ability, than one with all the ability, but cannot conform to a disciplined approach to playing the game.
 “We are beginning to realize that it is like an important performance. You can’t do the show if you haven’t rehearsed it. Over and over again.
“You succeed,” he says, “by forgetting what you have accomplished and knuckling down for the next guy. Arkansas is, by far, the most physical team we have played to date.”
Things are changing. It may not be as swiftly as we hoped. But it's clear to me that we once again have a defensive coordinator that not only talks the talk, but walks it with authority and discipline.

And with a winning attitude.