Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two keys to a pig-pick'n

Last Sunday morning, No Gurley, No Problem. This morning, No Gurley, No Problem?

1. Utilize the tight ends. They won't have one of their leading tacklers (actually he's questionable), but if we allow them to creep up on the line of scrimmage then their defense is good enough to force our hand towards passing downs. So Bobo should get Rome and Blazevich involved early and look for Bennett and Conley on some intermediate routes to keep those Razorback linebackers honest.

2. Lean on em late. Arkansas is an improved team. But they're still learning how to win football games. Out of conference wins are good, but winning in the SEC often comes down to the fourth quarter. If the game is close at that point, we should be able to show that we are the deeper more experienced team.

If you're hungry for a third point it's obviously special teams. Especially if this turns into a low scoring/field position affair. Go Dawgs!