Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"We are going to be something different and give the same effort."

Yesterday I mentioned how successful Pruitt's 4-2-5 look was against Missouri, but that going into Little Rock it would likely be something different. Take it away Ramik:
Georgia will be seeing a totally [sic] offense, than it did in Columbia, Missouri. While Missouri runs many four and five wide receiver sets, Arkansas often lines up with two and three tight end sets. 
And even though Missouri was held scoreless, the members of the defense know that it is a new week and a new, different opponent.
“It’s a new week. We barely looked at Missouri,” Wilson said. “They are a physical team, but with the game plan we got this week, it’s gonna be fun for us.”
"Get a big neck."
While Georgia came out with a three-safety defense against Missouri, this week’s defense figures to be more conventional,  given the opponent. Wilson knows that the defense is going to have to adjust, while still putting up results similar to Missouri.
“We are not the same defense that is gonna come out every time,” Wilson said. “We are going to be something different and give the same effort.”
When summing up the matchup between Arkansas’ rushing attack and Georgia’s rush defense Johnson also was brief.
“It is going to be an all-out fight."  (via R&B)
I especially like the "same effort" part. And given that Arkansas is first in the league in rushing the football, it's gonna be a Mambo Gook kinda night in Lil' Rock.