Wednesday, November 5, 2014

As I pack for the last road trip...

At least for the regular season, I find myself pondering a question.

I've told y'all before, I love road trips. It's one part seeing other destinations, tailgates, traditions. And it's another part hearing the Redcoats in another stadium while seeing the Dawgs in those beautiful road whites - the best uniform in football iyam.

Recently, I think it was after I returned from the ColaEast game, my kids asked me when they could attend their first road game. I had not thought of that yet, so my answer was somewhere north of a shoulder shrug. Mrs. Bernie and I have taken them to a bowl game before. Hell we may take them to one this year if Santa is good to us. But they've never been to a true, SEC, bonefide road game. 

And I'm not sure when that'll happen. But like I said, as I pack, I thought I'd asked my reader what he/she would suggest. I've been to both MS trips, either of which I'd take them to. We've also been to Tennessee. I'd take them there when they are older, but Mrs. Bernie has vowed ne're shall she return. I've been to USCjr, and it'll be a cold day in Hell before they get the displeasure of those fans' foul mouths. I've been to Auburn a couple times, and that might work as long as Nick Fairley isn't getting honored for his community service while matriculating in Opelika that particular evening. Missouri was a decent trip, though it was rather long. If I hit the lottery and could afford four plane tickets, maybe. And Vandy would be easy. Kinda like a home game across the border and over a ways. Know what I mean?

Those are the only ones I've been to, at least until this weekend. I would imagine Lexington might be a good first trip for a Junior Dawg too, especially if said junior is old enough to drive her daddy back along the Bourbon Trail!

Anyway, what say you reader? Where would you suggest a young Dawgette learn to bark in enemy territory? I don't mind exposing them to uncomfortable/hostile language in the stands. They've heard enough in their time in Sanford (and occasionally when Daddy watches a game on the tv). But ease of travel and fun venue get bonus points. Let me know your thoughts if you have one.

Go Dawgs!