Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Auburn week - news and notes

Some headlines between Athens and Opelika. No two-ply needed.

- Cory finds Georgia's run defense improved over its performance against Florida, but still a ways to go.
- Kimberley remembers when Sugar fell from the sky.
- Shhhhhhh. Don't talk about it.
- sUGArdaddy reminds us of some chaos that surrounded the 2012 matchup between GEORGIA-auburn. And to hide our wallets.
- Relatedly, Spears breaks down the A&M-Missouri game.
- The team is stepping up for Gurley on the eve of his return and admitting "We're all human."
- Booker has some nice photos and a couple observations from yesterday's practice.
- With D'haquille Williams week to week, Quan Bray is expected to step up for the Tigers.
- And from the FYI File, ticket prices for Saturday have dropped significantly since I checked on Monday. Down from about $180 in the top deck to $148 and up.

Go Dawgs!