Monday, November 3, 2014

Coach Richt, I beg to differ here Partner.

From last night's teleconference Emerson gives us this quote:
“We didn’t have an effort issue, so that’s good,” Richt said. “So if you’ve got guys quitting, then you’ve got a problem, you can’t name anyone a captain.”
Richt's right in that I too saw guys putting in effort in the game. But there are distinct levels of effort, are there not? For instance, I can half-ass a report and turn it in saying that at least I gave it some effort. And I believe he's making a point about the locker room and that the team didn't and hasn't given up. But whether or not there was an effort issue Saturday is a matter for some debate.

Because the problem is Florida came prepared to handle, manage, control Georgia's best effort Saturday in Jacksonville. Richt's team did not come in with that mindset and were beat out of the stadium. So I would most definitely call that an effort issue.