Monday, November 17, 2014

Dawgs and "Zombie Nation" don't mix

(What follows is the exact letter I just emailed to Greg McGarity. If you have similar feelings, you can as well.)

Mr. McGarity,

Great game Saturday night. There's truly nothing like watching the team, after going through so much adversity this season, handle business against a big rival like they did against Auburn. It made it all the more exciting as the fans matched the team's energy throughout. It will go down as one of the more cherished memories I have at Sanford Stadium.

I must admit, I was one of the old guys that had strong reservations about the use of piped in music during football games. I've seen the way they use it at other venues on the road and thought it might take away from the tradition of the Redcoats. But the way UGA has used the music has been a great addition to the spirit and energy of the Sanford Stadium experience. Anything to keep the fans enthused and the players excited is a good thing. What's more, the selection of music has been really good, appealing to all audiences and none of which has embarrassed myself as a parent sitting next to my kids.

However, I wrote you a couple years ago when we used one of Georgia Tech's songs, something called Zombie Nation (, over the PA system. I objected to its use as a Georgia fan that has listened to it many times while visiting in Bobby Dodd as well as other ACC stadiums like Clemson's Memorial Stadium. To be fair, I believe it is a very popular song in many college and professional sporting events, not just ACC football stadiums and arenas. But I, as well as many Georgia fans, equate this song to a Georgia Tech tradition. 

So I am writing you again in hopes that it will not be played going forward.To be frank, it's beneath us and it needs to be removed from any playlist in Sanford Stadium and Stegeman Coliseum. If it's played this Saturday against Charleston Southern you will probably see small groups of fans jumping up and down energetically. Those are the fans that are in the dark as far as how closely the song is tied to our in-state rival. The rest of us will be standing there shaking our heads.

And if it is played the following Saturday, you will see the opposing team rejoicing as if they were playing in Atlanta rather than Athens.

Thank you for your time. I hope that you will again pass along this concern to the Promotions Staff. My family appreciates all the hard work that goes into making Saturdays at Sanford such a memorable event - from the time the trumpet plays in the southwest corner 'til the time the scoreboard says "DAWGS WIN!!".

Go Dawgs!