Friday, November 28, 2014

Guys like Mac hate Tech, therefore, so do we.

I see you there, wallowing in your own misery. Feeling sorry for yourself because Missouri is going back to Atlanta. Some of you are even mad at Arkansas, even though we were first and goal late against Sakerlina...even though we were up 7-0 in the first quarter in Jacksonville.

Wipe those cheap ass tears dumbass. We've got Tech tomorrow!! Our seniors deserve better than your weak, sniveling, pathetic sobs.

I'm an old guy, but young enough that I need to be reminded of a certain rivalry's importance. Mac was kind enough to oblige.
My love with the Georgia Dawgs began way back in 1957 with me attending my first Georgia football game...I was 8 years old.  Our neighbor would load up his Ford station wagon with some 12-14 boys from Cobb Street and off we would go to Athens.  If you were under 18 years of age, you could get in Sanford Stadium by purchasing a high school student ticket for $1.00...sat in the GG section...the Green Grass hill where the flagpole is today.   Even sat on the railroad tracks a few times. I have been attending UGA games for 57 years...have not missed many...even in my Marine Corps years was able to get to many...once all the way from Okinawa.  In this season of my life, I realize I don't have that many football seasons left...but I will always pull for the Dawgs.

57 years has taught me to dislike Auburn and Florida and South Carolina and Tennessee but I genuinely hate Georgia Tech.  And with my memories of the Tech games...I always think of Coach Erk RUSSELL...G.A.T.A.  and  TUCK FECH...Erk was and will always be the original Damn Good Dawg!!!
That's the key. Time teaches us to hate other football teams. Clean Old Fashioned Hate is born right here in our hearts and grown from Georgia's own red clay.

Go Dawgs!