Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Malzahn vs. Pruitt, a prelude to a sequel

On his radio show last night...
Keys to a win at Georgia? "The big key is we obviously have to stop the running game and offensively we have to run the football."
If either defense did a whole lot stopping of the run I'll be surprised, but I get his point. However, if this does turn into a purely offensive, high scoring affair, then the real keys will be special teams/field position and protecting the football.

That being said, one of the interesting undercurrents for Saturday is the head to head matchup of Malzahn against Pruitt, a sequel of sorts to last season's national championship game. I have that game queued up for tonight, time permitting. But what I remember of FSU's defense from that game is a lot of disciplined and well coached d-backs protecting the deep field as well as the sidelines.

Hunker down y'all.