Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Moving on along

Let me first say that I hope some of my comments yesterday weren't interpreted too loosely. In times like these I like to see the team have a circle the wagons mentality and the fanbase lobbing thoughtful questions at those in charge.

Instead, the last two days have been a tornado of chainsaws drowned out only by the incessant screaming. From water coolers to message boreds to social media to call in shows. It was enough to make me rethink my away game planning.
I checked the calendar this morning and it's Tuesday November 4th. Sounds like a good day to take a deep breath, go vote, and then look at this Kentucky team that we happen to play Saturday. Word has it Coach Richt even held practice yesterday to get ready for this game. And then Ramik dropped some truth and accountability on the team as a whole.
So speaking of voting today, Wilson has my vote as this season's Shawn Williams Motivational Speaker. Moving on along, let's follow the team's lead and focus on what we can control - our mindset in closing out this schedule.