Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On Gurley.

Look. I'm just not ready to address it. Many have asked my thoughts. I can promise you I will elaborate fully on his career at Georgia (and especially this last month) and what it means to me personally as a Georgia fan and what his three years in Athens should mean to the program historically. But, I'm just not ready.

Part of that is the fact that I'm always a program above the individual guy. Ironically, I believe Todd Gurley is of a similar mindset. That should be painfully obviously about now. Saturday night was a huge win. Huge. That can't be overstated. It wasn't just that we beat Auburn when we had to, it was how we beat Auburn when we had to that should speak volumes to us as fans and all those recruits that were in attendance and maybe even some of those suits that like to throw the program under the bus whenever it does the right thing.

That should be the focus. Not an injury. No, not even an injury to Todd Gurley. As much as it hurts to see #3's college career end like that, at that time, and in that way...I'm still forcing myself to relish what was, I believe, a signature win for the University of Georgia football program.

Go Dawgs!