Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One more timeout for Clean, old fashioned Love

Because many of you were kind enough to leave words of encouragement, I thought I would pass along that Erin passed away yesterday. She was a fighter through to the end. Anyone that knew her expected nothing less.

Sometimes I'm amazed and humbled by the distances my words can travel. If anyone, Dawg or Jacket or somehow ambivalent, finds it in their heart to give to Erin's favorite charity, I know Chris, Alex and the rest of Erin's family would greatly appreciate it. If there's anything Erin loved more than cheering on Georgia Tech, it was making kids smile. I know she always had nothing but encouraging words for my two girls.

Thank you for your time. Now you may resume your vested interest in one of the greatest rivalries in college football.

Ronald McDonald House
795 Gatewood rd, ne
Atlanta GA, 30329