Thursday, November 13, 2014

Scott-Wesley could do "something anytime now"

NCAA rulings aside, one of the more curious side stories this season has been the health, availability, and lack of production of Justin Scott-Wesley. He's gone from suspended but maybe not all that healthy to ready and sometimes even on the field. What's entirely missing are any stats to speak of in his junior season.

And sounds like Richt has been waiting like the rest of us.
Wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley has played in three of the last four games, but still hasn’t caught a pass this season. “He’s getting there, he’s working hard,” Richt said. “ I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something anytime now, but it wouldn’t have surprised me last week or the week before.”
A tip of the cap to the head guy's subtle motivation needle. And honestly, there'd be no better time than Saturday night if you ask me.